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Sound Equipment

Audio Production

Sourcing Voice-Over Talent

Access Our Global Network of Native Voice-Over Artists

We have access to a global network of Voice-Over artists - native speakers of common languages and other regional dialects. We take on the time-consuming process of sourcing quality talent by gathering client requirements for our team to review and match suitable Voice-Over artists, providing a simplified shortlist of options for approval.

Recording Services

Get Your project Started with High Quality Audio Recordings

Nuntiare Media is committed to producing quality audio announcements and this production process typically starts with ensuring we have high-quality audio recordings to work with. We work with recording studios from around the globe, offering our voice-over recording services for localised native speakers of all the languages our clients require.

Editing & Mixing

Updates, Amendments & Edits, Levelling Between Languages and more

Nuntiare Media offer the technical background and experience specialising in announcement production. Our engineers provide seamless edits and consistent, intelligible pace & tone to your announcement projects. ​ We can edit your audio announcements to a defined timeline of phrases to support physical demonstrations. Working with a variety of languages and Voice-over talent presents a variety of different recordings - we align the dynamics and tone with natural and transparent results.

Restoration & Repair

Repair Existing Recordings, Remove Background Noise and Improve Intelligibility

Recording new audio tracks are not always an option for our clients. We're on-hand to restore your existing audio recordings to improve intelligibility and ensure your messages retain consistency and clarity. We offer audio restoration services to remove any potential audible distractions; reducing unwanted background noise, hiss, rumble and reverberance. We can provide detailed sound surgery removing unwanted noises such as pops, clicks and thuds.

Mastering for Spaces

Specialist Audio Processing for Environments and Background Noise

We can produce announcements for a variety of environments such as Aircraft Passenger Cabins or busy public spaces. Every space has slightly different requirements - this may be engine noise, Air Conditioning or the chatter of large crowds. Mastering for optimal perceived loudness is an essential part of our production process. Our engineers process every audio file to improve intelligibility and ensure instructions and information cut through other environmental background noises.

Background Music Playlist

Music Playlist Selection, Editing & Mixing, Licensing and Royalties

From royalty-free to bespoke compositions - Nuntiare Media have a network of low-cost royalty-free and mainstream music distributors, offering a selection of options for Background Music selections. ​ Our clients operate all over the globe and we are committed to providing access to genres that relates to their location, destination, season or cultural event.

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