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About Us


Specialists in Multilingual Audio Production

Nuntiare translates to Announce in Latin - and localised announcement production is our speciality! As a single source supplier, we provide access to the resources & technology to create quality, localised audio announcements - from concept to delivery and everything in between.

Our services include Translation, Voice Creation, Audio Processing - supported by a range of technical services and systems. We support the production process end-to-end so you can be as hands-on or hands-off throughout a project, whatever suits your needs!


We are committed to creating content at the highest quality and focussed on working efficiently to keep costs down and lead times to a minimum. 


Working with us is a breeze.

Pre-Recorded Announcement projects take up a lot of time to produce. From Script-writing, Voice-Over selection, reviewing recordings to mastering audio files suitable for their environment... Gathering all the  requirements and coordinating the project is complex and time consuming. At Nuntiare Media, we offer an end-to-end service; managing the planning, coordination, production and all technical aspects of the project.

Whether you require a small alteration to an existing PRAM set, migrating to a newer or older system or require a complete refresh of announcements and background music - we are here to help and ready to jump in at any stage of the production process - get in touch with your requirements today!

Meet The Founders

Since opening our doors, Nuntiare Media has worked with some fantastic clients and partnered with some of the finest industry professionals. This is thanks to our exceptional team and the work they put in behind the scenes.

David Bilsborough

Originating from a background in audio & music production with experience across a wide variety of media projects Dave has spent the past few years tailoring his skills within the specialised area of pre-recorded announcements.


Underpinning his technical approach to production, Dave strives to see consistent improvement to the quality of media output for current and emerging technologies and is dedicated to enhancing and improve the end user experience.

Daniel Bottomley

Dan has worked in Audio Production in both creative and technical roles for several years - specialising in Aviation PRAM systems and dialogue & voice-over production.


With a keen interest and passion for user and customer experience, Dan aims to bring an improved and simplified ordering, tracking and feedback process to Nuntiare Media customers, suppliers and partners.

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