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Sound Equipment

Aviation PRAM System

Aviation OEM PRAM System Support

Conform   -   Encode   -  Program  -  Deliver

Commercial Aviation is Nuntiare Media's key market - servicing our clients in this field is what drives our business.


Avionic PRAM system manufacturers outline strict specifications of the processing and delivery of media files ingested into their systems. We comply with each OEM workflow and file specification to provide compatible, high-quality and consistent audio files regardless of the language, voice or style of audio.

We work with these systems on a daily basis offering clients experience and knowledge; providing accurate and exact processing within audio, technical files specifications, metadata generation and secure delivery.

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OEM Conformity

Processed, Quality-Checked & Delivered to OEM PRAM System Specifications

  • Mastering of audio files perceivable loudness level

  • Encoding & Transcoding audio files to a range of technical specifications

  • Quality Assurance - Rack-Testing Facilities as part of technical, audible and system compatibility checks

Specialist Delivery

Fast, Secure & Safe Media Delivery

  • Digital File delivery across various OEM ingest system workflows

  • Secure, safe & trackable Physical Media Delivery

  • Sustainable packaging materials

Legacy PRAM Systems

Legacy Physical Media & Digital System Support

  • OEM Approved Physical Media Components

  • Tape Cassette systems mastered, duplicated and rack-tested

  • Compact Flashcard, PCMCIA, USB & CDi/MP3 Systems supported

  • Existing Project Amendments & Alternations

  • Test Materials for Level & Loudness

Aviation PRAM Systems: List

PRAM Systems We Support

We’re proud to provide our Commercial Aviation clients with Pre-Recorded Announcements & Background Music for a range of PRAM systems - old & new. Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today.

Legacy Panasonic PRAM System

We are committed to continued support of legacy PRAM systems

​Panasonic Avionics Corporation

  • RD-AX7101

  • RD-AX7201

  • RD-AX7271

  • RD-AX7303

  • RD-AX7308

  • RD-AX7351

  • RD-AX7360-01

  • RD-AX7360-02

  • RD-AX7673-01/10

  • RD-AX7673-20

  • RD-AX7674

  • RD-AX7675


  • Series 800

Rockwell Collins

  • CAM804

Nuntiare 7370 FAP_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Nuntiare 7370 FAP v2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Digital PRAM Systems

We work with a range of OEM Digital PRAM systems

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

  • RD-AX7370

  • System 3000/3000i


  • eFX

  • eX2

  • eX3



  • i2000

  • i3000

  • i4000

  • i5000

  • i8000


  • iPRAM


  • DMP-200


  • RAVE

Aviation PRAM Systems: Services
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